CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

CNC Fiber Laser Cutting

Faster cutting speeds than Plasma and a higher precision than Waterjet! The CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine performs well above other traditional cutting solutions. You can expect the latest and highly advance machineries at JBF Machinery Ventures, Inc. 

Cut through nearly any type of metal quickly and easily with a high range of precision and accuracy. With advanced and easy-to-use CNC control software, the CNC Fiber Laser Cutting  Machine allows your operators to efficiently integrate the machine into your work process.

Because of its versatility, the YSD CNC Fiber Laser Cutting belongs to the most advanced, industrial grade and cost effective Laser cutting system on the market.


500w; 700w; 1kw; 2kw; 3kw
A. Laser Source E. Red Light Indicating System
B. Fiber Optical Laser Cutting Head F. Cooling System
C. Machine Tool G. Air Dryer
D. Control System H. Exhaust Fan