Hydraulic Pressbrake

From 40tons to 8,000tons

NC System Series
Capacity: From1.25 to 13.8 meters length

CNC System
Capacity: From1.25 to 13.8 meters length

Hydraulic Shearing

Hydraulic Guillotine (NC) (CNC ) Shearing Machine

Large Capacity: From 2 Meters up to 16 Meters cutting Length

4 to 40mm Thickness

CNC Fiber Laser

Cutting Area Capacity: 

1500*3000mm / 1300*2500mm / 2000*4000mm


Our product ranges from Sheet Metal Processing, Tool & Die, General Machining and Fabrication. Many of our customers are repeat buyers. A testament to the quality and workmanship attached to every machine we deliver.

Our goal is to keep and maintain a good relationship with our customers and our principal suppliers. To provide good quality machines at reasonable prices, always quick to respond, providing excellent and reliable after sales service.

Hundreds of machines installed.