Guaranteed Machinery & Service


We supply parts, maintenance, and upgrades that go along with the product we installed. We believe that quality product, TECHNICAL KNOW-HOW and reliable after-sales-service plays an important role to customer satisfaction and customer retention.

We aim to generate loyal customers thereby increase our brand value. We ensure you, our customers are satisfied that you may speak good about the organization, our products and services.

These are the main points on how we take good care of your machines.

We Cover The Basics

They are important. So we do not forget them.

  • Visual inspection of the factory.
  • Proper machine alignment checking and correction
  • Checking the main and auxiliary electric line


What’s Best For You

We advise for suitable and safe environment to be provided for your machines’ proper seating.

We protect your investment. The main objective would be to prolong the production life of your machine. 

Start It Right

Proper training, manuals and documentation are a good starting point for you who will be taking ownership of the machine.

Proper operation and basic maintenance are taught by our technician to yours.

What can we help you with today?

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Machine installation is a critical point of putting your machine into service.

It must be carried out correctly using proper techniques and procedures. Done properly by qualified personnel, it is a worthwile investment and prolongs your machine´s serviceability and reliability.


We ensure that all systems and components of your machines are good to go.

Designed, laid-out, installed, tested, operated, and maintained according to the operational requirements of the manufacturer and you as the owner and customer.

After Sales Support

Tasks carried out on your machines are recorded and filed for future reference.

A record makes it easy to  monitor previous service work performed. This way, problems are more easily identified and resolved.